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How to buy the best cashier shoes

Cashiers spend much of their work time on their feet. In addition, they also have to move around to perform different tasks. It is very important to choose the best footwear for cashiers. With good footwear: Here are some tips to help you find the best shoes: The best tips for buying shoes for cashiers […]

How to choose the right special footwear for hostesses?

Flight attendants spend a lot of time on their feet, so they cannot wear just any type of shoe. It is important to opt for special footwear for hostesses that can adapt to the shape of the feet (even if they can swell), they even have to adapt to the pressure changes that occur at […]

How to choose the right shoes for hotel receptionist?

The work at the reception desk is very heavy, and the person in charge of the reception desk is of it is going to be standing all day long. This is why it is so important to choose the right shoes from receptionist. A good choice can mean the difference between the employee being comfortable […]

Features that a cook’s shoe must have

Footwear is very important in our daily lives, but even more so in the workplace. In certain sectors, such as the hospitality industry, the type of shoe becomes even more important. The footwear for the hotel and catering must comply with special characteristics. In this article we are going to study which characteristics must be fulfilled […]


Best shoes for cleaning professionals

A characteristic shared by all shoes for cleaners is that they must be comfortable and allow them to work long days on their feet. In addition, footwear for this type of professional must have good ventilation and grip, as they may have to move around continuously.


Water-repellent footwear with Hydro system

Depending on the type of work you carry out, it is common that if you are continuously exposed to outdoor activities (mountain, countryside), you will need water-repellent footwear.

DIAN’s best shoes

The DIAN brand is considered one of the best in the market for work footwear. In this article, we will analyze the best models of the brand.