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Footwear for cleaners

What should safety footwear for cleaners be like? As in any other type of occupation, footwear is a very important part of the wardrobe and it is important to choose it based on the working conditions.

The best shoes for cleaners are those that allow them to be as comfortable as possible during long working days, when they will have to work standing up.

Among the rest of the characteristics that must be met by footwear for cleaners, each shoe should have good ventilation and grip, to avoid any accidents.
Safety footwear for cleaners
Cleaning shoes are also considered safety footwear due to their characteristics.

Depending on the job, and the anatomy of the cleaner, they are available in different models, colors and sizes.

However, their common characteristics are as follows:

Cleaning footwear should be flexible and as light as possible. For this purpose, it must be made of lightweight materials.
Cleaning footwear should be easy to clean. Since they are highly exposed to bacteria during the working day, they should be easy to clean.
It must be breathable and offer optimum ventilation to the foot.

Non-slip shoes for cleaning
In addition to the characteristics mentioned in the previous section, cleaning footwear must also be slip-resistant. For this purpose, its structure must be designed with a gripping system that can prevent any possible fall.

It should be noted that people who use this work shoes will be in contact with different types of floors, and that floor conditions can sometimes be difficult (for example, in the case of scrubbed or dropped products).
Shoes for cleaning work
Within the category of shoes for cleaners, we can find these 2 main types:
Clogs for cleaners
Cleaning clogs are a good option that will make the task of the cleaners as easy as possible. Their main feature is that they weigh very little, so they will not hinder movement.

They are also very flexible, being able to adapt to all types of feet and offer maximum comfort in case it is necessary to be on your feet all day long.

In the same way that
waiter’s slippers
or a receptionist’s
receptionist’s shoes
clogs for cleaners are an interesting option for this type of work.
White cleaning slippers
The white cleaning slippers are a bit more robust, but still a very lightweight alternative. White is identified with cleanliness.

Another characteristic of this type of footwear is that it is considered very easy to clean (even though it is white).

They are non-slip slippers and are considered perfect for supporting the whole body, minimizing the possibility of any slipping incident.

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