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Uniform footwear

From our online store of work footwear we offer professional uniform shoes of quality, comfortable and at the best price.
Types of Uniform Footwear
Catering footwear
Special professional footwear for waiters and cooks must meet two very important requirements: on the one hand, maximum comfort, since we are talking about long days of standing. On the other hand, maximum non-slip grip, since the main risk of accidents in the hotel and catering industry is the risk of slipping.

This is a highly demanding work shoe, both as a uniform and for any professional activity that requires comfort and safety. There is no sector more demanding in work footwear than hospitality footwear.
Sanitary footwear
We have a wide variety of shoes for nurses and doctors. It is essential, as with waiters’ footwear, to wear comfortable, lightweight shoes. One of the star shoes are the clogs for toilets.
Military boots
Specialized quality boots for tough tasks. Tactical boots for police and military at the best price of the brand Segarra.
Receptionist shoes
A receptionist also requires specialized footwear for standing for several hours at a time. This footwear must be both comfortable and elegant.
Footwear for more professions
You will find in this section not only shoes for waiters, kitchen shoes, but also for uniforms, shoes for residences, footwear for field workersWe offer shoes for communities, cleaning companies, hotel staff, health personnel, clinics, uniforms shoes in general and everything you need to make your work activity more bearable.