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Safetop's Tokio safety shoes are perfect for work in industry, transport, construction and warehouses thanks to their S1P SRA level of protection.


Elastic and lace-free.
The Tokio shoe is practical, lace-free thanks to its Flyknit upper that adapts to the foot as if it were a second skin. This material makes them elastic, flexible and lightweight, together with their 3D honeycomb woven foam interior.

This work shoe cannot be detected by metal detectors. The toecap is made of Composite, which, although it is a light and flexible synthetic material, allows protection with a resistance equivalent to metal toecaps. It makes the footwear more pleasant and can be worn for a longer period of time, providing greater comfort. In addition, this material conducts temperatures much better.

Antibacterial and breathable.
Safetop’s Tokio model has an antibacterial and breathable insole. It is manufactured to protect the user from bacteria caused by continuous use, keeping the user fresh, dry and odor free. It also has an inner lining of quilted 3D mesh fabric that is completely absorbent to perspiration.

Comfort assured.
The insole and sole of Safetop shoes guarantee extra comfort thanks to the bi-component EVA material with which they are designed to withstand many hours of work without feeling the foot fatigued.

Puncture resistant (P)
Safetop manufactures the Kevlar midsole of these shoes to be puncture resistant. It has the P safety level, which guarantees that the footwear is completely non-perforated.

Protection level S1
Tokio footwear has the basic requirements (S1) that a work shoe must have in its design:

  • It has a closed back and protects the ankle.
  • They are antistatic, i.e., they do not generate or conduct electricity.
  • Absorbs foot strike energy in the heel area.
  • It is resistant to hydrocarbons, oils and alkalis.

Anti-slip protection level (SRA).
This level of protection certifies that the work footwear is slip-resistant on ceramic floor with soap solution.

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