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Antibacterial footwear

If there is one thing that <strong>COVID-19</strong> has made clear to us, it is to keep in mind how important it is to <strong>take every precaution when working</strong>. Every aspect is important, and unfortunately, feet have never had the attention they deserve until now, thanks to this <a href="">approved sanitary footwear</a>.

These are the <a href="">best sanitary clogs</a> to offer you two main advantages. The first is to be comfortable at work even though you spend many hours on your feet, and the second is to <strong>offer protection </strong>against all kinds of germs and bacteria.
The importance of protective footwear
These antibacterial shoes are a solution especially recommended for <strong>healthcare workers as well as hotel and catering workers</strong>. However, anyone who works with the public can find greater safety with this antibacterial footwear because, many times, pathogens are found where you least expect them.
Characteristics of footwear with antibacterial treatment
This <a href="">work footwear</a> is a special type of footwear. To make sure that it really protects against all kinds of germs and bacteria, it has the <strong>iso 16187 standard</strong>, so we have the guarantee that we will be well protected with these <a href="">hospitality shoes</a>.

In addition to improving the worker's safety, thanks to the use of these antibacterial shoes, <strong>the worker</strong> will feel much calmer when carrying out his work, as he <strong>will feel protected</strong>.
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Ultimately, the importance of the use of these shoes must transcend far beyond the healthcare environment. Being well protected in public is important to be able to work better and, not only to avoid contagion, but also to help prevent the spread of germs. In this way, in addition to protecting the worker, <strong>we will be taking care of the work environment</strong>, both for the rest of the workers, as well as with the clients.