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Sanitary Footwear

Health footwear is very important, and it is important to make sure you make the right choice before selecting it. The sanitary footwear must be approved and have a certificate that accredits it in order to comply with European regulations.
Characteristics of Sanitary Shoes
The sanitary slippers must be comfortable and light, since the sanitary personnel will be on their feet for a long time. If the sanitary work shoes were heavy or uncomfortable, putting them on would be hell.

Another of the characteristics that they must meet is to have a good grip; they must have a good grip on the foot to prevent us from having to make unnatural postures that could lead to an injury. A closed health shoe might be a good option.

Another important criterion that sanitary work shoes must meet is that they must have non-slip soles, as this will prevent the risk of any type of fall.

In addition, footwear for healthcare workers (doctors, nurses, pharmacists, medical assistants, therapists, physiotherapists…) should be wash-resistant and selected to meet the needs of each healthcare worker.
Types of Approved Sanitary Footwear

Nursing clogs: In this section you can find a wide assortment of approved nursing clogs that meet all of the above.
Antibacterial footwear: sanitary footwear with the latest anti-bacterial technology.

Cheap Sanitary Footwear
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