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Safety footwear of sport type, very flexible and light, made of high quality split leather.
Work shoe
ideal for industry, construction, maintenance and professions where safety is of vital importance.


The BAIO safety shoe
contains no metal parts. It does not include metal buckles. kevlarand the toe cap is made of composite of high resistance, super light and ultra flexibleThe toe cap, which protects the toe with a resistance equivalent to that of a metal toe cap, but with the benefit of a softer feel to the working shoe, allowing it to be worn for long periods of time and providing greater comfort. This shoe conducts less heat or cold and is not detected by metal detectors.

BAIO is a safety footwear made of highly resistant suede. It offers the highest resistance in its class to tearing and bending, preventing it from deforming with use and recovering its shape after impact.

The Safetop shoe features a padded mesh lining on the inside to prevent chafing, designed to offer superior protection and comfort over traditional footwear. The heel is also covered with mesh.
Its design is perfectly studied to ensure a very long service life of the safety footwear and unmatched comfort, flexibility and resistance.

The midsole manufactured by the Safetop anti-perforation brand. for the BAIO work shoe is made of Kevlar anti-puncture material. Kevlar resists up to 1100N (P), is a fully aromatic polymer , infusible, five times stronger than steel under conditions of equal weight. It has a very high thermal and flame resistance. In addition, its tensile properties are superior to those of normal fibers. It combines strength and light weight with comfort and protection.

This work shoe has a cemented rubber + EVA sole. The sole is slip-resistant and resistant to hydrocarbons (FO), oils and alkalis, making them ideal for slippery environments or environments where liquids or oils are involved.

Safetop shoes do not conduct current and prevent the formation of static electricity. In addition, they areresistant to bending and tearing. Highly resistant to abrasion, compression and impact.

The insole of the shoe is breathable and antistatic, with an integrated membrane that ensures the foot stays fresh, dry and odor-free.

The shoe provides ample toe protection, thanks to its very high resistance to compression and impact. Provides impact safety up to 200J.

  • SRA: Slip resistance on ceramic floor with soap solution.
  • S1: Basic requirements (SB) – Closed back – Antistatic footwear (A) – Energy absorption in the heel area (E) – Resistance to hydrocarbons (FO) – Resistance to hydrocarbons (FO)
  • P: Puncture resistance: the footwear incorporates midsoles with a puncture resistance of 1100N.

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