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Safety shoe DIAN 29057 *FREE SHIPPING*.


45,95 IVA Incluido

Professional safety footwear DIAN 29057. SPECIAL FOR SUPERMARKETS.

Work shoes with safety toecap (non-metallic), which makes them lighter and more flexible, ideal for stockers, catering, workshops, etc.

Available in White or Black color.

Sizes: 35 to 46.

A fully guaranteed safety footwear.


Safety footwear professional DIAN 29057, exclusively for use in supermarkets. The work shoes with safety toe cap (non-metallic) make them lighter and more flexible, which are very suitable for refueling stations, hotels, workshops, etc.

The safety toe cap is elasticized and lined with a microfiber upper, which is highly breathable, strong in moisture absorption and quick drying.


CE certified, standard EN-ISO-20347. EU 425/2016.

SRC+01 protection level. Antibacterial ISO 16187.

SRC = (SRA+SRB) anti-slip on tile and water with detergent as lubricant+anti-slip on steel and glycerin as lubricant.

O1 = closed back, antistatic, energy absorption in the heel, lugged sole.

Benefits of buying DIAN 29057 S2 safety footwear

This safety footwear hygienic, for men and women, provides elasticity for foot adaptability. The two-tone polyurethane sole has a high dry-wet coefficient and is ribbed to facilitate liquid discharge.

Re recommend its use for professionals in the health sector, hotel and catering industry, cooks, food industries, etc.

Main features of DIAN 29057 S2

  • D’COVER DRY is breathable and liquid-proof.
  • Lined with D’DRY textile material.
  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Breathable without internal seams.
  • Energy-absorbing that absorb energy.
  • The grooved sole can better grip and hold any surface.
  • Slip-resistant footwear.

At Dian footwear all footwear is ergonomic and most of its clogs are ultra-lightweight. Dian shoes provide the best quality at an affordable price.

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