Flight attendants spend a lot of time on their feet, so they cannot wear just any type of shoe. It is important to opt for special footwear for hostesses that can adapt to the shape of the feet (even if they can swell), they even have to adapt to the pressure changes that occur at heights.

On this website you can find the best hostess shoes, as well as for other professions.

And if you need some tips on how to choose them, we encourage you to read on:

Tips for choosing comfortable flight attendant shoes


The heel for good hostess shoes is a very important criterion. They usually range from 2 to 5 centimeters.

It is also important to consider the width. This must be adequate so that the weight can fall evenly, avoiding more support on one side than on the other.


Most commonly, the hostess wears a black shoe. These usually have a classic salon cut with a simple shape.

This type of work shoes can also be available in dark blue.

As a curiosity, some companies have included the distinctive colors of the entity, in order to create a brand image.


When talking about footwear for professionals, the material is also a key detail that cannot be overlooked.

  • The material must offer good insulation against both cold and heat.
  • Even if they are more expensive, it is worth investing in materials that will hold up. Remember that we are talking about very intense work days.
  • In addition, they must adapt perfectly to the shape of the foot, offering the maximum possible comfort (keep in mind that the hostess’ foot suffers changes in volume due to pressure and swelling caused by standing for long periods of time).

Other details

Before purchasing this type of uniform footwear we will also take into account the following:

  • It cannot have folds or seams, to avoid chafing and wounds.
  • The shoe must adapt to the hostess’s foot, not the other way around.
  • It is important to invest in quality brands, with a good track record, even if you have to spend a little more. It will be worth it, as you will take care of the health of your feet.

These tips will help you choose the best special footwear for hostesses, so that they can withstand the long working days they have in the best conditions.

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