We are currently at the time of year when hunters are preparing to go out. If you like hunting and have been hunting for a long time or if you are just starting out, you should take into account that, contrary to what people may say, a hunter’s attire does matter and greatly influences the productivity of his day.

A must-have for hunters that is often underestimated is footwear. Due to their work, hunters will spend 90% of their time on their feet, often crossing terrain that may not be the easiest to traverse.

Characteristics of hunting footwear

Every hunter has a preferred type of hunting and for this reason it is very difficult to determine which type of footwear is suitable for the average hunter. However, there are general characteristics that are shared, such as the stability of the shoe on unstable terrain, the comfort of the foot inside the field boot, waterproofing, resistance and, above all, durability.

In any case, hunters are looking for a type of boot that allows them to enjoy what they are doing and concentrate on hunting, since, as we all know, this is an activity that requires great determination and care, to avoid possible accidents.

Hunting and hunting footwear

Here are the best models for hunting boots in this 2020:


This type of waterproof boots is excellent for all those who wish to practice their skills in high terrain, they are designed to fulfill specific functions within activities such as hunting, mountaineering, climbing, trekking, among others.

Features of Hi-tec Tarantula Hi-tecs

One of its great features for which it stands out is its super lightweight design, which differs from other hunting boots. Generally, this type of footwear tends to be somewhat heavy due to its manufacturing materials, which in many cases prevents hunters from walking properly.

For this reason it is difficult to find a resistant model that also has the necessary lightness to allow the person to move without having to make extra efforts, however in this model we find a solution to this problem that seems to be quite recurrent when choosing a hunting shoe.


One of the most sought-after types of hunting boots in this 2020, without a doubt, is the Hi-Tec Ravus Waterproof. As its name indicates, this model of waterproof boots is intended for people who will practice their activities in terrain that exceeds 80% humidity.

Features of the Hi-Tec RAVUS

Thanks to their waterproof internal mesh, these boots are sensitized against water ingress, allowing the foot to stay completely dry and warm even in the most extreme conditions of water, mist or cold steam.

Its internal protective barrier forms a film that allows it to be the perfect complement for all those hunters who will carry out their activities during the winter season. It also improves the thermal conditions inside the field shoes, providing a feeling of comfort to the person who will be wearing them.

Another element that we cannot overlook about this shoe is the slipper-shaped curvature of the collar, which allows the cartilage shape to adapt easily without generating chafing or the possible appearance of annoying blisters.


This boot is considered to be another one of the most sought after in the 2020 season. Not only does it share characteristics with the aforementioned models, but it is made with specific materials that make its useful life very long. This is definitely a pair of boots, as they say, for life.

Features of the Hi-Tec Torca

It offers excellent traction support in climbing, but also thanks to its toe and heel design it provides very good results in flat terrain, it is highly functional regardless of the type of hunting you are going to practice. Its high-cut system and internal tongue prevent any substance or foreign body coming from the outside from coming into contact with the hunter’s foot.

Remember, whichever model you choose, Hi-Tec is definitely the brand that is bringing the best options this 2020 season in terms of hunting boots.

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