Choosing the right footwear for waiters is not an easy job, since they must have certain characteristics that facilitate the work of moving quickly, safely and, above all, lightly. This is a job that requires a high degree of concentration, for this reason it is necessary to have a support that facilitates the tasks to avoid possible accidents such as food spills, unexpected falls or unwanted displacements.

Characteristics of footwear for waiters

The uniform footwear for waiters is completely different from that of the rest of the kitchen staff (Chefs, sous chefs, etc.). Since they must work in two environments at the same time (kitchen and internal part of the restaurant), it is necessary that they have the following characteristics:

  • Non-slip sole, it is essential that they have it.
  • Comfort on the inside of the shoe. Due to the long hours that waiters have to work while standing, they need to be as comfortable as possible.
  • Design that provides easy adaptability to the foot and allows perspiration.
  • Lightweight: waiters’ shoes must not be heavy, as the staff will have to move quickly in order to carry out orders efficiently.
  • Material soft to the touch, that does not rub against the skin.
  • Good props: the upheaval inside a crowded kitchen can be overwhelming. For this reason it is necessary that the footwear has a very good grip, since the waiter will be working in a congested environment in which there are elements such as fire, boiling water, knives, ovens and other utensils that could cause an unnecessary accident.
  • Appropriate size and fit for the wearer.

Where to buy footwear for waiters?

In Calzado Laboral we have a wide range of hospitality shoes specially designed for waiters. Most of our catering slippers meet the sanitary standards required for kitchen work and the necessary comfort and elegance requirements, making them the best option when making a choice.

-We have available a wide variety of brands and prices in footwear for waiters.

-Made with the best materials and raw materials.

Segarra footwear, price and durability

To buy Segarra footwear for professionals you only have to enter the hospitality shoes section and choose the model you like the most. Remember that to proceed and finalize your purchase, you must fill in the requested data and you will be enjoying your favorite pair.


Men's uniform shoe SEGARRA 284 *FREE SHIPPING**

Original price was: 61,28€.Current price is: 55,95€. Taxes incl.


Original price was: 61,28€.Current price is: 55,95€. Taxes incl.

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