The employee who performs different tasks in the field usually has a fairly intense work rhythm, and there are many risks to which he or she is exposed.

For this reason, he needs clothing that will help him to cope with the task, such as good field boots.


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The employee will not only have to be on his feet for many hours, but will also have to walk a lot, including moving over elevated and even rocky terrain.

Not just any shoes for not just any footwear for working in the field
It is essential that they meet certain criteria:

What should we base our field shoes on?

Types of footwear

There are different types of footwear that we will choose according to the needs of the job:

  • Field shoes are highly recommended. They are lightweight, but also robust enough to adapt to even the most extreme conditions. They adapt perfectly to the shape of the foot (they are ergonomic) and offer good protection against cuts, shocks or irregularities of rough terrain.
  • We also have comfortable field boots, which are a good option for when we are talking about even more intense work. Their structure is very robust and they protect the feet better against certain problems that may occur.
  • Another option is trekking shoes. They are highly recommended for those heavy jobs that require several hours to finish. They are also a good option if you have to travel long distances.


When choosing field boots, or any other related footwear, comfort is one of the criteria that should never be overlooked.

Be sure to choose the right size and choose a model that fits you well, without seams in key areas where chafing may occur.

Other benefits

Depending on the type of
work footwear
will have more or less performance. For example, field boots usually have an iron toe, a key element that has the purpose of absorbing any kind of shock, to prevent it from reaching the foot.

Focus on these criteria and you will find the best footwear for working in the field.

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