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Casual Footwear

Choosing the right shoes is essential for the health of our feet. If you are looking for casual shoes made in Spain, in this section you will find what you need.

You can find casual shoes for men from brands such as: Urban Jungles, Segarra or Dian.

Still not sure which sneaker or everyday shoe to choose? Read on to discover some of its features.
Reasons to buy casual shoes in our online store
Enhance transpiration
With this type of men’s casual footwear we can ensure that our feet will stay warm in winter and cool when summer arrives.

In this way, we will ensure that the feet are always fresh, achieving the maximum possible comfort.
They are flexible
We can find different types of footwear made of this material, such as leather boat shoes.

This material is very flexible and softer than any other type of material (e.g. leatherette).

With this type of casual shoes, a better adaptation to all types of feet is achieved.
Our shoes are authentic and it is very rare that they have seams on the inside that could cause any kind of chafing or problems.

This way you can forget about blisters, various injuries, as well as chafing that may prevent you from getting good support.
More environmentally friendly
We are now more serious about respecting the environment than ever before. For example, when buying simple black casual leather shoes, you should know that this material decomposes and biodegrades at a much faster rate than other materials do.

There are shoes that are designed with synthetic materials that may be cheaper, but have a permanence in the environment that is too long-lived (in fact, some can endure in landfills for dozens of years, greatly affecting the environment).
Good value for money
On our website you can get our casual shoes at a very reasonable price, without sacrificing quality.

Take a look at our catalog and you will find what you are looking for.