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Agriculture shoes

Professional agricultural footwear is a special type of work footwear for field, forestry, livestock and agricultural tasks, with special grip on the ground, special resistance in its manufacture to ensure maximum durability and grip on uneven terrain. Specially manufactured for good ankle support. A work shoe for difficult terrain. Oriented for farmers, livestock farmers, forestry, gardening, agricultural cooperatives, nurseries, agricultural supplies, etc.
Agricultural footwear
Field footwear is very important for all those who work in this type of activity. We are referring to an area in which risks can be very high: they could derive from a machine, a tool, bad or slippery terrain, among others.

Therefore, when it comes to purchasing a type of footwear for working in the field it is very important to make the decision based on many factors, such as the type of work to be carried out, ensuring maximum worker comfort and ensuring maximum quality. Are work shoes intended to avoid risk? but if it does occur, we also seek to minimize it.
How to choose the best footwear for farmers?
When choosing the best agricultural footwear, there are certain criteria to consider, such as the type of footwear.

For example, there are
field shoes
which are lighter and simpler, but rugged and very stable at the same time. They are able to offer comfort, ergonomics, as well as important protection against shocks, cuts or rough terrain.

trekking shoes
are designed for different outdoor activities, for hiking in mountainous terrain, for jobs that may require several hours to complete.

field boots
are the most recommended for when the work is intense: they integrate several features, such as the famous iron toe, to avoid that any blow can be transferred directly to our foot. In other words, the structure will absorb most of it.

In this section you can find footwear from
Segarra del campo
Segarra del campo, a leading brand in the market that is responsible for providing agricultural or field footwear to professionals who work in it. Learn how to wash work boots.